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If rats or mice have overtaken your home or business or you want to make sure they dont give us a call.

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In terms of beauty and bounty, there are very few places on earth that can compare to the American heartland. Four distinct seasons with  spectacular (and sometimes dangerous) weather patterns coupled with rich, black soil makes Iowa “The State That Feeds the World.” Unfortunately, people are not all we feed.

Rodents have adapted easily to a life with people. In fact, worldwide, rodents damage or destroy up to 25% of all the agricultural crops produced yearly through consumption or contamination. Alas, losses attributed to mice are more widespread than simply crop destruction. Rodents are known vectors of disease and are known to gnaw and destroy many items ranging from family heirlooms to expensive electronics and machinery. All these facts combined have made rodents the number one “called upon” pest in the United States.

At Springer Professional Home Services, we focus on several fundamental techniques for stopping rodents before they invade your home ranging from exclusion, trapping, baiting all culminating with direct customer communication.

With each service to your home or business, our highly trained technicians inspect your foundation for possible pest entry points and when found they are repaired. In addition, our exterior monitoring and baiting units have proven extremely effective in reducing rodent populations before they become an issue inside.

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1320 NE 60th Ave.
Des Moines, IA, 50313
(515) 262-9229

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