Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Service

Springer Professional Home Services is Iowa’s leading pest control and termite control company servicing Des Moines and Central  Iowa. Your Premium service will be performed by trained and licensed pest professionals and are covered by our Springer Professional Home Services GUARANTEE.

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Springer Professional Home Services
1320 NE 60th Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50313
(515) 262-9229

 Affordable year-round protection at one low price.

Our pest control technicians are licensed, certified, bonded and insured and participate in ongoing training involving pest management and pest behavior and habitat. This makes our technicians the most qualified experts in pest and termite control in Central Iowa.

What you can expect on your initial service visit:

  • We will complete interior and exterior inspection of your home. This includes all living areas such as kitchen, bedrooms, basement, garages as well as any entry point where pests and/or rodents may gain access to your home.
  • We power spray your exterior or use granulation depending on weather conditions to create a barrier around your home to prevent pest intrusions.
  • Install exterior rodent bait station(s).
  • Broom down webs (interior and exterior)
  • Treat around windows and doors
  • Visual Inspection for insect harborage
  • Vacuum Insects, Spiders
  • Install pest monitors on your homes interior.
  • Dust the attic if accessible.
  • Remove spider webs and eggs to discourage spider activity.
  • Install TermaPest™ stations in ground as needed. (Springer Exclusive)

After the initial service

Our technicians return every other month and focus on the exterior of your home. We inspect for pest activity and retreat the exterior of your home and do specific treatments as needed for pests like ants, spiders and crickets that try to invade your home throughout the year. If you need any treatment on the interior we will provide that at your request for no additional charge. Just give us a call.


On each follow up visit we:


  • Full exterior inspection and spray perimeter barrier treatment.
  • Remove spider webs and eggs to discourage spider activity.
  • Check and refill rodent bait stations if needed.
  • Treat all pest entry points including windows, doors, etc.
  • Check Termapest station activity.
  • Inspect and retreat attic annually.

Need Immediate Assistance ?

Service is just a couple clicks away. Let us take care of your problem immediately and setup a schedule that works best for you.  If you would prefer to talk to someone on the phone, give us a call at (515)262-9229.

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1320 NE 60th Ave.
Des Moines, IA, 50313
(515) 262-9229

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