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What is a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDI Report)?

If you are in the process of either buying or selling a home in Iowa, brokerages, financial institutions, and real estate contracts will usually require a professional insect inspection to be conducted for the buying, selling, or refinancing of the property. Please ask your real estate professional to see if your real estate property is included.  Real estate agents, financial institutions, and home buyers commonly refer to these inspections as ‘termite inspections’ or “pest inspections but the more accurate name of the inspection report is “Wood Destroying Insect Report (NPMA-33)”.

The inspection process was developed by the NPMA so that a buyer, seller, or lending agency would have peace of mind that the structure being purchased/sold is free and clear of wood destroying insects and/or the damages caused by these destructive insects. The detailed report was designed and is governed by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to help ensure objectivity and non-biased results from the qualified inspector.

How is the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Conducted?

The inspection process typically takes less than an hour, and is a non-invasive visual inspection that is performed within all readily-accessible areas throughout the property. This means we do not move furniture, look under carpets, move boxes, or remove affixed items within or around the property while we are inspecting. If it is fastened down, your Springer Inspector will inspect around it, visually.

Areas that are inspected include, basements, crawlspaces, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, attic, closets, sheds, garages, and exterior of the structure.

Our Springer inspectors will pay particular attention to more conducive areas within your home that wood destroying insects are typically drawn towards. These are areas with higher moisture levels (such as eves, window frames, and leaking pipes), below grade wood members (rim joist, floor joists, sub flooring, and drywall), and geographical location (areas with recognizably higher termite pressure).

 What Does Springer Look For at the Property?

Springer is looking for evidence of wood destroying insects through the presence of live or dead insects, shelter tubes, exit holes, staining, insect parts and frass, or by damaged wood. Springer Professional Home Services Certified Inspectors will look for more than just the presence of subterranean termites. Springer will also check the structure(s) for the presence of live or inactive carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees. All of these insects are considered to be wood destroying insects that can cause extensive damage to a home or residence.

Damage repair from termites, powder post beetles and carpenter ants can be costly to repair or reconstruct. Springer will let you know what you should expect, before you reach the closing table.

 Explaining the Results of the WDI Inspection

Based on the observations found by Springer’s Certified Inspector, your inspection report will either be considered ‘Clear’ which means that there was no visible evidence found at the time of the inspection; in which case no treatment is necessary at that time.

Or the property will be considered ‘not clear’. This mean that the structure appears to have a past (inactive) or a present (active) pest problem. Our Springer Inspector will then detail out the location of the problem, so all parties are properly informed of the findings.

If any wood destroying insect evidence has been found at the property, it should be understood that there will be some degree of damage that is hidden or unseen. Springer Inspectors cannot not qualify damage just by the present of exit holes or scarring alone. Therefore, the full extent of the damage cannot typically be determined with only a visual inspection. The results of the inspection should not be used as a structural damage report. Damage will only be noted on the report if the inspector finds the extent of the damage needs to be further assessed. They will then recommend that the property be further inspected by a qualified structural professional.

 What If My Home Needs Treated?

If your property needs to be treated for insects, there is no need to worry. Many residential and commercial properties in Iowa require treatments. Treatments are typically non-invasive and take less than 5 hours to complete. If the Springer Inspector observes a pest issue that needs to be treated before selling or refinancing of the property, a written estimate and treatment plan will be provided to the requesting party. A Springer Inspector will go over the written estimate to you and answer any questions that you might have.

The estimate will include our Springer Termite Agreement with detailed pricing and follow up services for the property new owner. Springer Professional Home Services has a Termite Warranty that is transferrable to the new owner after the sale has been completed. Just a quick phone call to our office and the new owners will be notified when the property is due to be inspected further.

A revision of the initial inspection report will be completed and forwarded to the required parties for closing and financing.

For full WDI Report Inspection guidelines and protocols, please refer to this document:


Springer Professional Home Services has been performing qualified Wood Destroying Inspect Reports to the Des Moines Metro and Surrounding areas since 1989. That’s over 30 years of inspection experience!


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