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Springer helps you reclaim your yard by controlling pesky mosquitoes.  If you are looking for long-term mosquito control service Springer has a solution for you.

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During a Mosquito Management Service visit we do the following:

  • Inspect Property for Breeding Sites and remove if possible
  • Apply Mosquito Larvicide (if applicable)
  • Treat Property with Mosquito Adulticide

Mosquito Facts:

  • Water (very damp soil or even in decaying leaves) is necessary for mosquito eggs to hatch into larvae.
  • Only Female adult mosquitoes feed on blood (mammals) for egg-laying.
  • Male and Females mosquitoes both feed on plant/flowers searching for nectar as a food source.
  • Females can lay eggs (100-300) every three days.
  • Mosquitoes being cold-blooded, prefer temperatures around 70° – 80°.
  • Mosquitoes are generally more active around dusk and dawn.
  • The beginning of June often marks the unofficial start to mosquito season in Iowa.
  • 40 species of mosquitoes in Iowa.
  • Type O blood types are bitten twice as much as Type A. Type B is somewhere in the middle.
  • Dark clothing attracts mosquitoes. Avoid wearing black and navy blue.
  • Pregnant women get bitten twice as often as the rest of us. The body temperature of a pregnant woman is a degree warmer and they exhale 21% more carbon dioxide (CO2), both are known mosquito attractants.
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Contact Info

Springer Professional Home Services
1320 NE 60th Ave.
Des Moines, IA, 50313
(515) 262-9229

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