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Wasps, bees, hornets and flies all serve a purpose in this world. But I am sure you agree there is nothing more frustrating than trying to enjoy time at home and all you end up doing is spend it swatting off flying bugs!

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Why are flying insects the most difficult to control?

Simply put, flight allows insects to bypass the most sophisticated pesticide defenses.

It is true that some of the most successful flying insects are flies, bees and wasps, however, they each act and behave differently.

Flies, with reckless abandon, swoop in, solely in search of food to not only sustain themselves but a harborage to deposit their next generation.

Wasps and bees, on the other hand, are more cautious. Wasps and bees probe and prod, always looking for

the perfect place to establish the next generation.

At Springer Professional Home Services, we understand the differences in behavior of all insects.

Our goals and objectives are simple: be proactive, not reactive. 

Therefore, our highly trained inspectors and technicians will not only inspect your whole house for possible pest entry points but they also analyze your environment to anticipate future problems. Only then will they be able to implement a defensive solution that is tailored to your needs.

Springer’s fly, bee and wasp control services are second to none! Call us today for a FREE inspection and flying insect control service estimate.

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1320 NE 60th Ave.
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