Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Canine detection is the most effective method in detecting the presence of bed bugs. Even the most experienced pest control specialists may not be able to detect a low level infestation due to hidden and inaccessible locations. It is extremely important to detect bed bugs as soon as possible, before the infestation becomes well established or spreads throughout the property. Sonny and Chucky identify and confirm an infestation quickly and conveniently the first time which allows you to take action immediately.

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Why Use a Springer Detective?

Sonny and Chucky have been specifically trained and certified for bed bug detection and will give you quicker and more accurate results with less time and hassle than human detection.

After all, dogs have been used for years by law enforcement and the government to detect bombs, drugs and locate missing persons.

“Man’s Best Friends” are loyal and they work only for food and attention – no hidden agenda here.

Dogs can track a scent through snow, air, mud, water, ash and even a pile of dirty laundry.

Research has proven their ability and efficiency at finding live bed bugs at low infestation levels.

Let Sonny and Chucky give you the peace of mind to sleep tight and not worry about the bed bugs biting.

Springer Professional Home Services is Iowa’s leading pest control and termite control expert.

All of Springer’s pest control work is covered by warranty and performed by professional technicians who are certified, bonded, insured and qualified to control pests and termites from your home or business. Springer’s professional technicians undergo years of education and training, making them among the most qualified experts in pest control and termite control.


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